Our house is reflection of our mind, or another way around ... our mind is mirroring our house.

In junction of self knowledge and organisation procedures, we assist you to create a better life, where you can spend more time with the beloved ones, doing what you like most. 

Online consulting My home, My life is designed to bring you more clarity and ability to identify, change and maintain your environment. We assist you to nominate your goals, revise your habits and start to introduce a new routine which will empower you to live the best version of yourself. 

We focus on helping you to create a space where it brings you joy, and operates in a full capacity for exploring you as human being, your aims and wishes. By providing tools that will assist you to have a better control of your space and be manageable for the future, we will explore your routine, habits and give you a guidance through your process. 

How it works

  1. Initial complimentary chat (30 min)- we’ll briefly cover your current concerns so we can determine whether we can help you and improve your space. (WhatsApp video call, Skype, FaceTime). It is a way to have a better idea of how we can help you
  2. Engagement Letter signed and full payment is made
  3. Agreeing the date and time for our 10 session - 1 hour length 
  4. Sessions - 1 hour using named resource available for the process  

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30 Minutes consulting (FREE)

Let's talk!

Additional Information

The Fine Print:

No cancellation after booking is confirmed, unless we have mutual agreement.

Other expenses to consider: Any items (storage solutions, hangers, etc) will be discussed during the sessions (if needed).

We are expecting you to be involved on the entire process.

Decluttering is a mandatory so we are expecting you to get hands on (by selecting items that we should keep and name its place). 

Complete the activities designed to assist you. 

Records, such as journal and pictures will be requested. We request you to send it to us within 24 hours before the next session. 

Manage points that is holding you to achieve some activities.