Mesh Hub - Hands on

Is your space cluttered, messy and/or disorganised?

Tired of looking for items and spending tons of hours trying to organise it all? Tired of having nothing to wear, when your wardrobe is full of clothes? 

If you say YES to any of these questions … It is time for MESH it UP!

We will detox and completely organise your space in the best possible way that works for you and your day-to-day life. You’d need to be focused on change and ready to let certain things go for this to be manageable. Using decluttering process, we will assist you to decide what stays and what is to discard (recycle, charity, sell or seasonal storage). We look at the set of remain items and re-order the space in a practical and attractive way.


Our prices start from £195 for a team of 2 professional organisers getting into the process of decluttering and organising.

How it works

  1. Initial complimentary chat (30 min)- we’ll briefly cover your current concerns so we can determine whether we can help you and improve your space. (WhatsApp video call, Skype, FaceTime or we pay you a visit). It is a way to have a better idea of how we can do a brilliant job in your space and know what your goals are.
  2. Engagement Letter signed and deposit made
  3. Agreeing the date and time for our visit.
  4. Sessions - On the day, we would like to have a brief chat with you, and we get the process started immediately. 

Not sure what you need, drop us a line!


30 Minutes consulting (FREE)

Let's talk!

Additional Information

No cancellation after booking is confirmed, unless we have mutual agreement.

Other expenses to consider: Any items (storage solutions, hangers, etc) will be discussed in advance (if needed).

Mesh Hub is happy to travel up to 1.5 hrs from SW19 (using public transport; based on the Google maps app’s. estimates). It is not usually a problem to travel further, but any trip over 1.5 hour in total may be charged at £10 on top the total cost.