About Us



We are Mesh Hub – a modern consultancy collective. Our main focus is helping you to have greater wellbeing through harmonious design and reorganisation of your home and workplace.

We invite you to rethink your day-to-day processes and develop the potential of a better way to interact with your space, which will drive positive change through all areas of your life. 

We combine business strategies, organisational systems, psychological intervention and emotional design to create authentic meaningful experiences at your home or workplace.



People are extremely important to us. Our homes, our workplaces say so much about ourselves, who we are and how we act - in the way we interact and organise our spaces. We focus on understanding who you are, what you need and how to optimise your space to bring joy and make it easy to find more harmony in your day-to-day life. 



Mesh Hub is committed to promoting positive change, through helping people or organisation reach high levels of productivity. We combine mindfulness and professional organisation methods with the structure and vitality of design. As a result, we bring more efficient and practical systems to your spaces, with tailored styling.


Hello! I am Leticia Dolenga. Through my studies of business psychology and experience working in business management, I realised that I have the innate ability for transforming peoples' personal and professional lives through mindful orderliness and inspiring them to reach their full potential.

I am a team-worker influencer, have a creative and engaged mind with leadership expertise, who loves working in a collective manner to inspire positive change in individuals.

Founder of Mesh Hub, I have a passion for organising things. From luggage to storage spaces, since an early age, my best entertainment was to play being “the organiser” of my friends’ lives. They say that it’s an intrinsic trait of my being.

I love yoga, dance, psychology, design, ice-creams and butterflies, especially those ones that I get in my stomach when something is about to happen. I live from time-to-time in my pink cloud, I am a dreamer who strongly believes that people can perform and live at their highest levels in all areas of life. How do I want to reach that? By bringing to any individual or organisation the true sense of self, through identifying culture, behaviours and certain patterns that we bring into our spaces, stamping it with our real being.